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Ronnie Negus: British Columbia Children’s Hospital Provides Expert Care to Seriously Ill Children

Ronnie Negus, philanthropist, cast member of The Real Housewives of Vancouver, and a supporter of the BC Children’s Hospital, explains the vital role the hospital plays in treating the province’s children.

Tracing its roots back to the 1920s and a fund created by the BC Women’s Institute to assist children with special needs, today’s BC Children’s Hospital now serves more than 78,000 children annually. 

Much of the specialized pediatric care offered by the hospital is unavailable elsewhere in British Columbia. Treatment facilities include a comprehensive heart center that performs transplants and more than 169 open-heart surgeries on children annually, as well as an oncology and hematology center that works in conjunction with the BC Cancer Agency to treat children under 17 suffering from cancer or blood-related disorders. 

For children who need long-term treatment and rehabilitation, the Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, a rehabilitation and development program of BC Children’s Hospital, serves more than 5,000 pediatric patients a year. 

In order to sustain the high-quality medical services it provides, the BC Children’s Hospital is always seeking volunteers and support. Those interested in learning more can visit BC Children’s Hospital on the web at

The Importance of Education in Raising a Child with Special Needs

By Ronnie Negus

Every year, thousands of children are born or diagnosed with disabilities. If you are a parent to a child with special needs, arming yourself with information can help you and your child face all challenges.

Start by getting informed. Read about your child’s disability, whether it be mental retardation, a physical handicap, a learning and speech disability, or an emotional disorder. The more you know about your child’s disability, the better you can help him or her.

The sooner you start to learn, the sooner you can equip your child to survive one of life’s harshest battlegrounds: the classroom. Children are unfailingly cruel, especially toward peers whose conditions they don’t understand. Enroll your child in courses that sharpen speech and learning capabilities as early as possible so he or she can fit in better at school. Even more importantly, such skills give children the advantage they need to keep up with lessons.

About the Author

For two consecutive seasons, fans of The Real Housewives of Vancouver have welcomed Ronnie Negus into their living rooms. On and off camera, the television star is devoted to her role as mother to a child with special needs. Ronnie Negus recently coauthored a book aimed at parents of children with special needs.

Philanthropy 101: Giving Back to Others By Ronnie Negus

For some, contributing to charities is as simple as cutting a check. But many people do not have money to give away. Fortunately, there are plenty of other ways to give back to your community.

Many, if not most, charitable organizations are in constant need of volunteers. Set aside a weekend every month or two and donate your time to Goodwill Industries International, Inc., or a local soup kitchen. Other options include Habitat for Humanity International and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, an organization dedicated to protecting historic sites.

Some people in your community need help in their homes. Take stock of the elderly in your neighborhood and volunteer to pick up their groceries, walk their dogs, or drive them to visit friends and family. You can also visit local schools and ask how you can get involved in activities such as field trips or tutoring.

About the Author

A reality television star and mother to a child with special needs, Ronnie Negus donates her free time and resources to numerous charitable organizations, including BC Children’s Hospital and the BC Centre for Ability.